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From Chinadesk to “China Town’s Lawyer

In the Netherlands, Koevoets Law Firm has a unique and prominent position within the Chinese community.

In 2004, we established the China Desk for our Chinese clients. Therefore, we can provide services to the clients seven days per week from various communication channels in Chinese. Koevoets Law Firm is the first law firm in the Netherlands which has a dedicated “Chinese Line” (+31 10 800 8000). We also have employees who are native speakers in different Chinese languages and dialects (Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese and Chinese Wenzhou).

Nowadays, Koevoets Law Firm is the legal advisor of various Chinese organisations, companies and groups.

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Over 50% of our clients are Chinese or of Chinese descent. Koevoets Law Firm maintains direct and trustworthy relationship with the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands and its Consular section. We consider this contact as a extremely valuable tie, which may help our Chinese clients to some extent. If our clients have an issue both in China and in the Netherlands, we can quickly switch and communicate between the two countries and cultures.

The fact that Koevoets is also called “Lawyer of Chinatown” does have an obvious reason indeed.

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