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Working without a work permit in The Netherlands?

In general, employees from outside the EU need to be in possession of a work permit. The Labour Inspectorate carries out inspections on a regular basis. The inspectors of the Labour Inspectorate will check whether employees present at the work location are in possession of work permits (TWV). Furthermore, the content of the labour is also being supervised according to the issued work permit.

Large WAV-fines when working without work permit

If the Labour Inspectorate discovers that the employees are not in possession of a valid TWV, fines will be imposed that may be in the order of tens of thousands of euros.

I have received large WAV-fines! What should I do?

Most of the time, you will receive a notification from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment that they are intending to impose a fine. You can register a so-called rejection. An official decision follows, which confirms the actual imposition of the fine.

Objecting against the WAV-fine

You can issue an objection against the WAV-fine within 6 weeks after receiving the decision. Note: filing an appeal doesn’t suspends the payment obligation!

Options when confronted with a WAV-fine

What can we do for you if you are imposed with WAV-fines or if you have received a notification that the government intends to impose a fine on you?

      We could:

  • Submit a rejection for you
  • File an objection
  • Request payment agreements

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