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Long-term and short-term residence permits for The Netherlands

Immigration to the Netherlands for business purposes is strictly regulated, as well as for the case for private purpose of stay. There are long-term residence permits and short-term residence permits, either one of them has their own particular procedures.

In order to obtain either the long-term or short-term residence permit, one needs to start the application procedure whilst the applicant is still in his or her own country of origin.

Short-term business visa or Schengen visa

The short-term stay – e.g. for the purpose of business travel or knowledge exchange – the applicant can apply for a (Schengen-) visa at the Dutch embassy or consulate in his or her own country. A visa allows its holder to stay for a maximum period of 3 months. Furthermore, the Dutch government has created additional possibilities for frequent international business travels. A Dutch company or institute should be designated as a reference at all times.