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Koevoets Law Firm is a modern firm which provides services to both companies and individuals. The firm was established in 2000 and its specializations have been developed into various areas.

Koevoets Law Firm is located in the World Trade Center (WTC) of Rotterdam , which is in the heart of the city. WTC creates an inspiring environment for international companies and people in business. Also, its high-quality business facilities satisfies individual clients very much. (
The reliable and professional team guarantees the quality and efficiency of our services. We give our clients individual attention and provide them tailored services.

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We are more efficient due to the modern business management and company structure. Therefore, it guarantees better rates for our clients. Moreover, we take care of the case and the budget of our clients carefully. We always give our clients a pre-evaluation of what legal measurements will be taken and how much time and budget therefore needed. Moreover, we explain the legal cost beforehand. A written confirmation will always be provided to our clients and will serve as the foundation of our relationship. For some standard legal procedures, we have a fixed price; for the non-standard cases, we always provide tailored service. You can find the price list on the page Rates.
Our expertise already covers a very wide legal range. However, if your case does not fall into one of the legal areas that we deal with, we will help you to find the expertise you need through our exclusive networking.

Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam: nr. 24376580
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