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Residence Permit Has Been Rejected

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No mistakes in applications for residence permits

The procedures for obtaining a Dutch residence permit are determined by numerous rules. IND applies these rules very strictly, which means that mistakes are easily made during the application process. Especially if the residence permit application is filed by an inexperienced individual or an intermediary. Most mistakes lead to rejection of application.

My residence permit has been rejected. What can I do?

If your residence permit application has been rejected, our expert attorneys and lawyers would like to help you with solving the problem. Sometimes, you can register an objection within the specified term of 4 weeks. In some cases, it’s better to file a new application. The solution varies according to individual cases. We would like to assist you.

Make use of our assistance

In case of application rejection, you can always come to our office for assistance. Schedule an appointment through our assistant or fill in the contact form.

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