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Business visa and Orange Carpet

Doing business is becoming more and more international. Likewise, the Dutch economy will also shift its focus to international trade and foreign investment.

For you, as an entrepreneur, this means that contact with your foreign business partners is not restricted to telephone calls or Skype call, but you might also want to be able to invite them to come to your Dutch company.

The immigration specialists of Koevoets Law Firm would like to relieve you of your concerns so that your international contacts can easily and comfortably travel to the Netherlands.

 Question: My colleague from the Chinese branch of our company needs to travel to the Netherlands on a regular basis. Do I need to start a new visa procedure every time?

Orange carpet for regular business travellers

The Dutch embassy has created a special visa facility program: Orange Carpet. It aims to simplify the visa application process for regular international business travellers and the participants in this program can travel back and forth multiple times per year. For more information please inform with one of our immigration specialists.

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