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Residence Permit Has Been Revoked!

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What to do when IND revokes your residence permit?

IND supervises the rules and regulations surrounding residence permits. Even after a residence permit is granted, the holder will still be investigated to see if he or she meets all the requirements.

A residence permit may be revoked during check-ups. IND can even revoke a residence permit retroactively!

Leaving The Netherlands after revoked residence permit?

The consequence of a revoked residence permit is that you lose the lawful rights to stay and you need to leave the Netherlands. Formally, a repeal of residence permit is accompanied with a return decision.

Residence permit has been revoked. What should I do?

If your residence permit has been revoked, you will have to leave the Netherlands within 28 days. If you don’t agree with the decision, you can register an objection. You may stay in the Netherlands while you are waiting for a decision. Our expert attorneys and lawyers would like to help you with writing and registering the objection.

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