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Immigration Detention

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Detention and repatriation

If you don’t have residence right in the Netherlands, you could be detained in an immigration detention centre.

An immigration detention or the detention for foreigners is served in a closed facility (detention centre) and the goal of this policy is to repatriate you to your country of origin.

valid if a return decision has been issued

Immigration detention can be only imposed if there is a return decision, which has been issued beforehand.

Released from detention if repatriation is not an option

When immigration detention does not, or no longer, lead(s) to repatriation, the measure of detention has to be withdrawn and the foreigner will be released.

I am held wrongfully in detention or I have been held for too long!

We can help with litigations

Our attorneys have years of experiences in litigation against the prolonged detention. In many cases, our clients have been released with the help of our litigations, even when detainees are without a residence permit. We can request the Dutch state system to pay for your legal fees (legal aid). Contact our assistance for options or fill in the contact form.

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