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Investing in The Netherlands

Due to the relatively favourable tax environment and the very good level of the services industry, the Netherlands is a favourite choice for foreign investors among the European countries.

Koevoets Law Firm has many years of experience in guiding foreign companies or entrepreneurs in starting a Dutch subsidiary, or guiding investments in existing Dutch businesses.

A complete service for foreign investors in The Netherlands

The advantage of having various expertises in-house is that we are able to provide a complete package to foreign enterprises in which we assist our clients from the initial business plan up to the opening of de Dutch subsidiary. This complete package includes the notary from our own network and also includes the admission of the company at the IND and the application for residence permits for the management.

Assistance in coping with Dutch immigration regulations

Since a subsidiary often needs the presence of the management of its parent company, it is essential to take into account the Dutch immigration regulations from the start. Entrepreneurs and investors also need to face the strict Dutch regulations that apply to foreign investors or foreign mangement of (new) Dutch subsidiaries. The IND prescribes different prerequisites are required for investors, entrepreneurs and managers. We would like to help with making the right choices, so that your startup in the Netherlands will become a real success.

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